Our target membership market is the independent translator who accounts for 77% of the total market.  The market consists of several segments defined by components (solution/service), function (translation/localization /interpretation/transcription/other), and organizations (government/finance /IT/healthcare/education/ manufacturing / other).  Our NMT market approach consists of utilizing a supervised deep structured learning approach.  This results in overcoming the challenges of disambiguation, nonstandard speech, and identifying named entities typically found in machine translation software.  Our platform allows the translators the ability to edit the machine-translated documents to clarify ambiguation, nonstandard speech, and identify named entities which the neural net did not recognize.

The value proposition for independent translators is the ability to use ALIA to translate their documents for their deliverables and earn ALIA tokens.  The business benefit for ALIA is the contribution of the translator’s input to the neural network to enable deep structured learning.  Our marketing approach is to target independent translators through affiliated marketing techniques using a developed capability inherent in our software to achieve a high ranking of web searches for translation software.  We’ll also use customer relationship management software to market ALIA based on translation companies contact information we’ve collected in our government and commercial data set.  ALIA will open with a global online digital advertising call inviting people to our site through various outlets.