ALIA is powered by the Tendermint engine, which allows ALIA to be based on its own customized blockchain, scripted via JavaScript.
Tendermint technology is a combination of two key abilities: a system of secure consensus and a consistently synchronized multi-node state machine. These two abilities form a generic underpinning for a decentralized blockchain.

The Tendermint Core represents the multi-node state machine with secured consensus. It is a more contemporary version of peer-to-peer networking combined with cryptographic authentication to form a Byzantine fault tolerant (BFT) network of nodes. BFT is secure even if up to one third of the nodes are faulty or even malicious, which ALIA further insulates using fully encapsulated nodes. This core ensures the same transactions are recorded on every machine in the same order.

The Tendermint Service Protocol (TSP, or Teaspoon) is an implementation of Tendermint’s Application Blockchain Interface (ABCI), and is a fully customizable interface which facilitates communication between the Tendermint Core and the interfacing application (in this case, ALIA). This interface exposes the messages needed to customize and manage Tendermint Core in alignment with ALIA’s business rules.